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liveAny computer with an internet connection can easily be turned into a global radio receiver.

To turn your computer into a radio, download and install Flash Player Plugin into your computer.

Once you have installed this software you can listen online to the VOI Audio Service for free 24-hours a day via the 'Listen Live' link in any page.



mobileYou can listen to VOI Audio Service on your mobile phone by typing www.voi.co.id into your phone's browser. You can also listen if your mobile phone has an AM radio receiver or if you have an internet-enabled mobile phone.

The VOI does not charge you to look at content, but it depends on your network and tariff and what you want to look at (please check with your operator before browsing).

For all other phones, visit our internet radio mobile links page for live streams and on-demand programmes in MP3. For more information on mobile services and If you have a device-specific question about your mobile phone, then please let us know.

Click Here For Mobile Streaming

Short Wave

Short Wave 


In Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South-East and East Asia it is possible to listen to VOI Audio Service through much of the day using a short wave radio.

To find out more about short wave visit our short wave information guide. To find out what frequency you need to tune your radio to, go to our Frequency Charts.

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