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About Us

The VOICE OF INDONESIAVOI is the “World Service” of Radio Republik Indonesia – RRI which serves the international audiences through the RRI’s international channel. Amidst the on-going media convergence, we are fully committed to do its utmost to provide our best service to all over the globe. VOICE OF INDONESIA produces high-quality, informative, smartening, and enlightening with a universal and humanistic perspective, so that it becomes an independent, trustworthy and credible broadcasting institution. These thought-provoking, universal, and humanistic programs are intended to cater the continuously dynamic change in the world’s geopolitic, economy, social and environment.

Station Identification

TAGLINE : "Informing, Connecting, Dignifying"

Station Call : "RRI World Service – Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta"

  • Total Daily Broadcast : 24 hours as of 1st March, 2008
  • 10 hours / day, (Terrestrial + radio internet)‏
  • 12 hours / day (Radio internet)‏

Language : 8 languages (as of 1 March 2008)‏ : English, Indonesian, French, German, Spanish, Arabic , Japanese and Mandarin

Audio Streaming : www.voi.co.id

Frequencies: 9.525, 11.785 , 15.150 KHz


Diplomatic Forum : A monthly talkshow, discussing and analyzing strategic issues in global perspective

Around The Globe : Reports from RRI World’s Correspondents all over the world

Indonesia Today : News, current Affairs, in-depth analysis about Indonesia and the world, cross cultural enrichment and understanding.

Press Review : A talkshow, discussing current issues from the press points of view

Bilik Sastra (Literary Chamber) : A weekly program, appreciating literary works written by Indonesians living abroad.

Website, Audio / Video On Demand, Radionet VOI

www.voi.co.id is the official website of the VOI providing comprehensive information in 8 languages about Indonesia and international issues. Through the site, you could read news and information, program transcripts, view illustrations, watch video and listen to audio on demand or listen to real time streaming of VOI broadcast 24 hours a day.

Since 2006, VOI has launched a new service of broadcast using “internet streaming” apart from the existing terrestrial broadcast. General information can be assessed through www.voi.co.id which features “audio and video on demand”. During broadcast, you could also interact with the presenter or the guest speakers in the studio by utilizing Yahoo Messenger id:voinet_onair and through facebook Voice of Indonesia.

Business Address

Jl. Merdeka Barat, 4-5, 4th Floor,

Jakarta10110, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 3456 811,

Fax: +62 21 3500 990